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Serving broadband users on 4 continents

150+ terabytes

Caching 150+ terabytes of traffic every day

10+ years

More than 10 years of experience

Our story


We’ve been always thrilled by the high-speed internet. We never wanted to wait. Even more now when multimedia stretches the very definition of broadband speed.

This is why Extreme Peering was born - to commoditize the speed of Internet. To give it to all, no matter where. Our technology and expertise come from places where Internet has been ultra-fast for ages.



We were not able to live without the torrents of huge traffic and hardly understood how other fellow beings were so unprivileged to not have access to this fast digital world.

This was not fair. And we came to fix it. Meet Extreme Peering. Join the millions inhabitants of the new uncompromising world of speed.


Two million people served. Got EIF funding through NEVEQ. Started global expansion.

One million people served. Created a scalable grid solution managing 10 GBps / server.

Four hundred thousand people served. Added transparent mode and full DMCA compliance.

One hundred thousand people served. Created P2P acceleration mode (user-to-user sharing without servers)

Deployed Extreme Peering in India.

Created the EU R&D Lab and got first working version.

Invented the Extreme Peering concept.

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