What is the benefit for the ISP?


Provide huge, cheap bandwidth to users; offload expensive channels; provide content visibility; improve browser experience.

How can the ISP differentiate what traffic to send on high speed?


Extreme Peering has features to mark the cheap peering traffic with DSCP mark, so it can be placed on a high-speed user queue which will not affect his Internet speed. Many NAS/BRAS systems are capable of this. Feature might be known as multi-queue, triple play, etc.

Where in the network comes Extreme Peering™?


Usually above the NAS/BRAS.

What servers are needed?


Show table with AIO & GRID.

What type of traffic do you cache?


Plain and encrypted torrents, HTTP 0.9/1.0/1.1. Any flavor of encrypted HTTP – HTTPS, HTTP/2.0 & SPDY is impossible to intercept.

Why is it called Extreme Peering™?


Because it accelerates traffic not only through caching but through peering between users. This saves from CAPEX for servers.

How is your system working?


Our state-of-the-art, futuristic and basically just-magical technology uses integrated L7 DPI module to recognize multiple http and p2p protocols and route data requests to cache or other users instead to the expensive internet links.  

How is the traffic redirected to Extreme Peering™?


Best via PBR. Also in bridge mode.

What is the price of Extreme Peering™?


Extreme Peering™ is billed on traffic saved (i.e. generated by the system). The price of the saved traffic is few times less than Internet price. Ask for quotation. Servers are not included in the price.

My last mile is Fiber / Ethernet / Docsis3. How can I make difference on the market?


You can deliver very high speed services to your end users without incurring costs for expensive Internet bandwidth.

What is so special about saving from torrent traffic – in-band vs out-of-band solution?


Torrent traffic is P2P, so doesn’t come from a single server but from many peers. Extreme Peering™ saves from upstream traffic by routing transparently all connections either to the cache or to other local peers, so it makes maximum saving on torrent traffic while still respecting the original source.

What happens if Extreme Peering™ fails? Will be ISP users affected?


Extreme Peerong™ has internal and automatic bypass in case of software failure. Also ISP may remove the PBR at any time and the system will be fully bypassed. DPI works from RAM, thus only full server crash affects its functioning.

We’ve tried other HTTP caches – there are always user complaints.


You’ll rarely get user complaints because we identify “broken” requests. Even SSH can work via our HTTP cache.

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